24th November 2016


What will I need to bring?

Excavation is a physical activity that requires a little preparation but no particularly specialised equipment. You should however equip yourself with a good pair of boots or shoes, the walking or hiking type are generally best – trainers or other sports-style shoes should not be worn. Please note that for safety reasons sandals or similar footwear are not allowed on site. The British weather is noted for its unpredictability so a sun-hat and sun-screen are essential but so are light-weight water-proofs just in case it rains! (You are strongly advised to obtain suitable personal travel/health insurance especially if you are travelling from overseas). Further information about the practical aspects of joining the Field School will be sent to participants prior to the start date.

The one piece of personal equipment you must obtain before arrival is a trowel.

The recommended type is a drop-forged 4-inch pointing/archaeologists trowel (with either a traditional wooden or softer rubberised handle) manufactured by WHS (UK) or the equivalent manufactured by Marshalltown (USA). All other equipment will be supplied on site.