25th November 2016


harpswellexstudentdiggers007cutAccommodation is available optionally in Bishop Grosseteste’s Halls of residence at an additional cost of £510 for 29 nights self-catering accommodation (check-in on Sunday 18th June, check-out on Monday 17th July).

harpswellexstudentdiggers007cutLocated in the historic heart of Roman and medieval Lincoln, the accommodation comprises individual bedrooms around a shared cooking and living space.

The University’s accommodation is located in the uphill district of Lincoln with a number of restaurants, food outlets and other shops within a few minutes walk.

Transport will be provided each day between the University and the excavation site, which is a 20-minute bus ride from Lincoln.

For further information on the accommodation offered by the University, and the other facilities available, please refer to the website: www.bishopg.ac.uk